Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer is almost here !!!

What does summer mean to me ??

It means that I get to have my awesome kiddos home with me all day !! With that comes the challenge of entertaining them LOL  . You can only go to the beach , zoo , aquarium, ice cream shop and parks so many times before those smart little ones realize you're over compensating for something LOL. They start getting bored , restless , lazy , agitated and most of all they are ready to get back to learning and hanging out with friends . I have always tried to keep their minds going with books , new and old , and work sheet printed online .  What do you do when it just to hot to go outside to play ? When the little pool you thought was so cool when you bought it ends up part of the boring things in life ? When the sprinkler just doesn't cut ?
So my new challenge starting today is to come up with enough things over the summer that the kids don't hit that bored , ready to get back to school slump !!
I have 10 days left to come up with a summer of fun ! I am ready for this . I am strong .... Right ??
I am going to make a list and I will be posting it here on my blog !
Sort of a menu plan only with activities LOL. 
I will be back soon to post more !!
Thanks for reading !!!
Happy planning ♥ Crystal

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