Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get Inspired !

Hi there !!!
(a pic I took at the beach with my bff ! )
Today I am asking each and everyone of you to be creative !!! Look at a new piece of art , make something , draw , paint , decorate ... Look at things in a whole new way . Have you ever been driving down the road and think to yourself " Wow that would be the coolest picture." ? Take that picture ! Find out what truly inspires you . Is it a certain color ? A person ? A song ? Take it and run with it .  We all need to stop and see the beauty in life .  One thing I have really learned from my kiddos is that art is fun ! No matter what , they will always draw something beautiful . If they are sad , mad, happy , or just playing around , they always add tons of color and make that picture a fun inspired project . Looking at life from their eyes is amazing . Color is the spice of life !!
So here are a few pics of things I have made or things that inspired me !!!
( a barrette I made for my girls ! )

( Who doesn't love creamsicle earrings lol )
I have to many pics to chose from ,but each and everything I have made has been from my heart !
I hope you all can find something special in each and everyday !!
Thanks for reading
Get Inspired !! ♥ Crystal

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