Monday, August 1, 2011

4 years of AWESOME !!

So ... My Kai turned 4 July 28 th and what better way to celebrate than with CUPCAKES !!! He asked if he could have spiderman cupcakes and that's what he got lol.
Here's the birthday boy in all of his awesomeness LOL .
 And Saturday was the party ! It was a request of the b-day boy to have chocolate cake , with chocolate frosting and candy inside ! What kind of mom would I be if I didn't use Reese's ? LOL It was a GREAT day with our "family" !
It was a great weekend with loads of fun ! And the best part .... My handsome man is now 4 !!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nails , Nails , Nails !!!! ♥

In an attempt to keep myself occupied through this rather boring summer , I have started painting my nails ... a lot lol. Here are some of my designs !

I have always loved everything about nails , since I was little . I am very happy to have the ability to do them often . I am slowly getting a pretty decent collection of goodies going LOL ... I just thought I would share what truly makes me happy .
Thanks for reading !
Have a great day ♥ And always remember to smile xoxo

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Air Show Excitment !!!

So we went to the Air Show on Saturday and Sunday ... Yes the same Sunday that broke a 21 year record attendance . I have never heard of an entire industrial section running out of room for people ,but it happened lol. I am very lucky to have the best husband ever that just so happens to have to work that air show ! We had a great day on Saturday ,but an even better one on Sunday when we had not one pair of ear muffs for the baby ,but 2 for the other kids as well !! I was able to sit peacefully and watch the whole show ! YAY me :) hahaha We had a great time . Here are some pics of our awesome day !!
(I need to add that this man was awesome and when my phone deleted this pic he was kind enough to get a new pic with the kiddos lol)

(Who doesn't love the Blue Angels ?)

( Jet truck ... AWESOME lol )

( This truck was accompanied by a police car the same color . They were both full from top to bottom with signatures . They are to raise awareness for breast cancer . It was without a question one of the coolest things at the air show !! )
And last ,but not least .... ( hes going to kill me lol )
This is what 10 years of AWESOMENESS looks like lol !!!

( yes those are my sunglasses hahaha )
Happy Birthday Tim ...
This is it for my awesome weekend  !!
Thanks for reading !!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rain Rain go away !!

Why must it rain ? Why do the kids have to be in the house ? Why did I have to run out of activities on day 4 of summer vacation ? lol
So I am thinking of mud pies and puddle jumping . I say Mother nature ... I can't beat you so I'll join you !!
Now how do I get the kids to join ?? They are not up for the challenge . Apparently mud pies and puddle jump were way more fun when I was younger . Ewww dirt and wet shoes ... Really mom?
Ugh .. will they ever learn ? LOL I bet if I made a video game of those very thing they would become the newest trend right ? so I guess it's more movies for us today , reading books and coloring and all the things that are sooo "fun" . Hopefully it stops raining soon so these kiddos can start having some real fun !!
My rainy day vent ~~ ♥ Crystal ♥

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer is almost here !!!

What does summer mean to me ??

It means that I get to have my awesome kiddos home with me all day !! With that comes the challenge of entertaining them LOL  . You can only go to the beach , zoo , aquarium, ice cream shop and parks so many times before those smart little ones realize you're over compensating for something LOL. They start getting bored , restless , lazy , agitated and most of all they are ready to get back to learning and hanging out with friends . I have always tried to keep their minds going with books , new and old , and work sheet printed online .  What do you do when it just to hot to go outside to play ? When the little pool you thought was so cool when you bought it ends up part of the boring things in life ? When the sprinkler just doesn't cut ?
So my new challenge starting today is to come up with enough things over the summer that the kids don't hit that bored , ready to get back to school slump !!
I have 10 days left to come up with a summer of fun ! I am ready for this . I am strong .... Right ??
I am going to make a list and I will be posting it here on my blog !
Sort of a menu plan only with activities LOL. 
I will be back soon to post more !!
Thanks for reading !!!
Happy planning ♥ Crystal

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get Inspired !

Hi there !!!
(a pic I took at the beach with my bff ! )
Today I am asking each and everyone of you to be creative !!! Look at a new piece of art , make something , draw , paint , decorate ... Look at things in a whole new way . Have you ever been driving down the road and think to yourself " Wow that would be the coolest picture." ? Take that picture ! Find out what truly inspires you . Is it a certain color ? A person ? A song ? Take it and run with it .  We all need to stop and see the beauty in life .  One thing I have really learned from my kiddos is that art is fun ! No matter what , they will always draw something beautiful . If they are sad , mad, happy , or just playing around , they always add tons of color and make that picture a fun inspired project . Looking at life from their eyes is amazing . Color is the spice of life !!
So here are a few pics of things I have made or things that inspired me !!!
( a barrette I made for my girls ! )

( Who doesn't love creamsicle earrings lol )
I have to many pics to chose from ,but each and everything I have made has been from my heart !
I hope you all can find something special in each and everyday !!
Thanks for reading
Get Inspired !! ♥ Crystal

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coupon adventures !!!

Yesterday's shopping trip was a success !!
I purchased :
12 boxes of Hamburger Helper
7 boxes of Pizz Rolls
6 boxes of cereal
4 boxes of Go-gurt
3 packages of chicken drumsticks
1 package of steak
5 boxes of pasta
2 1/2 lbs . of cherries
1 lb of Dunkin donuts coffee
My total before coupons and store discounts was $129.84
My total OOP ( out of pocket ) was .... $69.34 !!!!
In addition to the savings I also recieved 400 extra gas rewards .
I had 200 already so I was able to save $0.60 off each gallon of gas . I filled up my tank for $52 @ $3.27 a gallon . It was a proud moment for me . I am still working on the couponing ,but I don't think Im to shabby for a newbie LOL !!
Thanks for reading .
Happy Couponing ♥ Crystal

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hi everyone !! This is my very first blog ever . I am happy to announce that as of today I will be sharing some of my daily life and loves with you ! Whatever the day brings , maybe make-up , or hair , or baking yummy treats . Being a mom is most important to me and who knows you all may even meet my little ones ! I am inviting you on this journey with me and I hope I can help or inspire you the way others have inspired me !!