Friday, June 24, 2011

Rain Rain go away !!

Why must it rain ? Why do the kids have to be in the house ? Why did I have to run out of activities on day 4 of summer vacation ? lol
So I am thinking of mud pies and puddle jumping . I say Mother nature ... I can't beat you so I'll join you !!
Now how do I get the kids to join ?? They are not up for the challenge . Apparently mud pies and puddle jump were way more fun when I was younger . Ewww dirt and wet shoes ... Really mom?
Ugh .. will they ever learn ? LOL I bet if I made a video game of those very thing they would become the newest trend right ? so I guess it's more movies for us today , reading books and coloring and all the things that are sooo "fun" . Hopefully it stops raining soon so these kiddos can start having some real fun !!
My rainy day vent ~~ ♥ Crystal ♥

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